Kosovo. Is this the world we created?

Corruption has been institutionalised by failing to tame organised crime associated with veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army who dominate local politics, and by the involvement of international personnel.

There is a lack of transparency in relationships between politicians, civil servants, civic leaders, their families and business, creating an environment where the opportunity for corruption is high.

A part of the money that goes to organized crime comes in fact from public funds (…) Human trafficking in Kosovo is a very big deal and also drug trafficking is a big deal. (…) Organized crime that has been connected to political parties has been chiefly financed from public funds (and) was protected by political parties, also from the judicial system: from the prosecutor’s office and so on.

Sună superficial. Ce s’o fi ascunzând sub aceste formulări „diplomatice”…

PS (later edit): „public funds” = mostly „european funds”, some muslim world contributions and some american too.

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